about us

it's kind of difficult to know what to write about yourself in something like this. my name is James - probably a good starting point! i am married to my beautiful wife Eleanor (who is writing this!) and we made a little folk called Tahlia-Rose who is in the 'terrible twos'. apparently we subconsciously enjoy the sleepless nights as we have recently added a little brother to this equation, Talon-Thane.

i like photography (which is lucky), straight whiskey, good country music, runny fried eggs and bad country music. i dislike how much our black rug at home moults, constantly having pockets filled with black fluff, how a toddler can out-sass me and writing about myself.

we are based in rushden, right between the northampton, bedford and buckingham border. with family and friends in all three areas we are constantly scooting between the counties. we started this photography business so we could meet new people, share some of their most special moments and challenge ourselves in different areas. i am excited to say that it has been growing ever since.